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Colouring book kids & toddlers App by Kiddi Games
Colouring book kids & toddlers App by Kiddi Games

Dennis  Edwardson is the founding father of Kiddi Games and he has been drawing for kids for his entire life.

In 1999; he created the worldwide broadcasted TV-series ‘hopla’.

A few years ago, he started, a website where you can download coloring pages, educational games, crafting pages and booklets for free.

At Kiddi-Games, we strive to create high-quality apps and colouring pages that are both fun and educational.

Thanks to the success of, Dennis created his first app so kids can color on the go.

This app has an easy to understand interface designed especially for children.

All the apps, colouring pages, crafting and educational games are thoroughly tested by children before being launched.

And… we will never show ads in our apps.

Ki(n)d regards, Kiddi Games

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